LSU AgCenter honors 11 inventors

Six inventors were added to the Patent and PVP Club for having received plant variety protection (PVP) certificates for new plants they developed. The federal Plant Variety Protection Act provides developers of new plants patent-like rights that prohibit the reproduction of their varieties.

The inventors recognized Thursday for receiving PVP certificates were Blair Buckley for Quickpick Pinkeye Cowpea; Stephen Harrison, Rick Mascagni and Steven Moore for LA 422 Wheat; Jack Jones for LA 887 Cotton and H1560 Cotton; and Bobby Harville for Buckshot 723 Soybean.

Inventors recognized for receiving patents during 2002 were Ronald Thune for "Attenuated Pasteurella Piscicida Vaccine for Fish," Gregg Henderson and Roger Laine for "Compositions and Methods for Detecting and Killing Termites," William Hansel for "Nitric Oxide-Scavenging System for Culturing Oocytes, Embryos or Other Cells" and Michael Saska for "Process for Separation of Sugar."

The LSU AgCenter created the Patent and PVP Club to showcase the achievements of inventors who develop exciting and promising new innovations, according to AgCenter officials.

"One of the LSU AgCenter's great strengths is its focus on applied research," said LSU AgCenter Chancellor Bill Richardson. "This focus has fostered long-standing beneficial relationships with multiple industry partners and has led to the development of groundbreaking inventions in agriculture and biotechnology.

"The entire state benefits from the commercialization of technologies developed by LSU AgCenter researchers and patented by the university," Richardson added.

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