LSU AgCenter: 2004 Corn hybrid list

For the recommended hybrid list, there are two categories regarding days to maturity: early at (100-110) days and medium at (111-120) days. There is usually a full season category, which is 121 days or more, but no hybrids that were recommended fell in this category this year.

This table includes all recommended hybrids (not differentiated by recommendation per location) with their respective two-year mean over locations including the 2002 and 2003 growing years. In addition to the recommended hybrid list, I have included a few comments on select hybrids that stood out in demonstrations as well as in the variety trials across the state.

Early Maturity 2-year mean over locations
expressed in Bu/A
Pioneer 34B23 139
N65-M7 140
Medium Maturity
DeKalb DK697 148
DeKalb DKC68-70 YGCB 142
DeKalb DKC69-70 YGCB 151
DynaGro 5515 142
DynaGro 5518 141
DynaGro 58K22 144
DynaGro 57K66 135
Garst 8230 IT 145
Garst 8288 144
Genesis 2A16 RR 141
Genesis 2A16 YG 148
Genesis 2B16 TR 143
Genesis 3214 YG 144
Golden Acres 2995 RR 145
Golden Acres 8112 139
N83-N5 141
N83-Z8 147
Pioneer 31B13 153
Pioneer 31G98 149
Pioneer 31R88 150
Pioneer 32D99 156
Pioneer 32R25 151
Pioneer 32W86 147
Southern States 859 CL 144
Terral 2130 142
Terral 2140 141
Terral 2140nRR 143
Terral 2155 Bt 138
Terral 2160Bt 147
Terral 23R15n 140
Terral 24R10 138
Terral 26BR10n 145

Pioneer 32R25: This 116-day hybrid is a high yielder with exceptional drought tolerance and offers earlier maturity.

Pioneer 31B13: This YG 119-day hybrid has been one of the top yielding hybrids in the state in the past couple of years and has excellent yield potential as well as drought tolerance and good plant height.

Pioneer 31R88: This 120-day hybrid has done extremely well in a wide range of environments.

Pioneer 32D99: This 118-day hybrid has excellent yield potential and has done very well in the yield trials in the past couple of years.

Terral 2140nRR: This 113-day hybrid offers excellent yield potential as well as being adapted to a wide range of soil types.

Terral 2160Bt: This 115-day hybrid offers superior yield potential in addition to an excellent drought-stress tolerance and has excellent shuck coverage.

Terral 26BR10n: This 115-day hybrid offers excellent standability and yield potential in addition to being YG and RR.

Dekalb 697: This 119-day conventional hybrid is an excellent yielder in addition to being reported as one of the more aflatoxin tolerant hybrids.

Dekalb 69-70 YGCB: This 119-day hybrid has done very well across a wide range of locations in the state.

Dyna-Gro 5518RR and 58K22RR: These 118-day hybrids have done well and have excellent test weights, husk coverage and are best suited for irrigated situations.

Garst 8288: This 116-day hybrid offers good yield potential with excellent dry-down potential as well as being a tall hybrid.

N83-N5: This 117-day hybrid does best on highly productive soils and has been doing well across the state for a few years.

Genesis 3214YG: This 115-day hybrid has excellent yield potential and has done very well from a yield perspective in the variety trials across the state.

David Lanclos is Extension corn and soybean specialist with the LSU AgCenter.

e-mail: [email protected]

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