Livestock producers’ library at your fingertips

The Animal Science section of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service has developed a searchable CD that is being offered free to Arkansas livestock producers and for a small fee to producers outside the state.

Robert Seay, Benton County Extension staff chair says the CD has “all you ever wanted to know about cattle production, but were afraid to ask.

“I’m certain that users will find it to be the most complete animal science reference material available and one that will see constant use,” he says. “This may very well be the most complete animal science reference material available in such a concise package.”

The CD contains 125 publications, including information on beef and dairy cattle, horses, goats and hay and pasture management.

It also includes Excel spreadsheets to assist with livestock feeding and nutrition and PDA tools, a Seasonal Pasture Planning software program to optimize forage production and livestock intake and a Limestone Quality Calculator software program to calculate the cost effectiveness of lime products.

According to Seay, the CD also contains: frequently asked questions about beef cattle nutrition and feeding; drought management articles; Arkansas Beef Improvement Program newsletters; “Beef Cattle Research Update” newsletters; “Arkansas Cattlemen’s” articles and 800 photos to help producers identify grasses, forbs, woody plants and legumes.

The CD was created for Arkansas producers, but the information can be applied to cattle production throughout the Southeast.

Arkansas producers can receive the CD free through their county extension offices. Producers not living in Arkansas can buy a CD for $10. Send check payable to “ADC” to Animal Science, PO Box 391, Little Rock, AR 72203.

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