Lindsay introduces 20-inch pipe for Greenfield systems

LINDSAY MANUFACTURING Co. has announced that its line of mini-pivot and mini-lateral irrigation systems is now available with 20-inch pipe. The new 20-inch pipe replaces the standard 10-inch pipeline to further enhance Greenfield irrigation dealers' ability to efficiently meet the needs of irrigators.

“The new 20-inch pipe provides several benefits to our customers,” said John Quinn, Greenfield brand manager. “It will provide quicker set-up, fewer parts and lower labor costs.”

According to Quinn, the 20-inch pipe uses the same reliable trussing as the 10-inch pipe, saving customers from having to buy special or additional support structures. The new pipe carries all of the features of the 10-inch pipe, including durable steel construction conforming to ASTM 513 Type 1 standards, 60-foot outlet spacing, and the six-bolt flange pattern, simplifying pipe replacements.

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