LibertyLink paired with Herculex I hybrids

“Bayer CropScience has granted a trademark license to Dow AgroSciences and Triton Genetics for the use of the LibertyLink trademark,” says Eric McEwen, Brand Manager for Liberty.

The Herculex I trait protects corn plants season long against first- and second-generation European corn borer plus southwestern corn borer, black cutworm and fall armyworm, according to Dow AgroSciences. Herculex I is the only in-plant product that protects against black cutworm. These hybrids are also tolerant to over-the-top applications of Liberty herbicide.

Liberty quickly controls more than 120 grasses and broadleaf weeds in corn including some of the toughest such as smartweed, morningglory, ragweed, woolly cupgrass, waterhemp and velvetleaf.

“Liberty delivers consistent, convenient weed control for about $16 per acre,” says McEwen. “Combining Liberty with elite hybrids containing the Herculex I and LibertyLink traits can help growers attain top yields.”

"Herculex I Insect Protection is part of the broad number of traits offered by Pioneer that expand choices for growers," says Marty McDermott, Pioneer Product General Manager - Corn. "The tolerance to Liberty herbicide also enhances choices within growers' weed control programs."

Soon, corn growers will have even greater options, representatives of the companies said.

“We’re committed to making this leading-edge technology available throughout the seed industry,” explains David Borgmeier, Traits Licensing marketing specialist with Dow AgroSciences. “More than 75 seed companies have expressed interest in hybrids containing Herculex I and LibertyLink traits.“

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