Lapel pin celebrates 30th Ag Day

In celebration of the nation's Ag Day, DuPont agricultural businesses – DuPont Crop Protection and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. in cooperation with the Ag Council of America, have distributed a blue, yellow, green and brown lapel pin across the United States. The circular, four-color lapel pins represent the sky, sun, vegetation and earth - unmistakable entities of the agriculture atmosphere.

Mike Ricciuto, global communications director, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition, said the pin was a representative way for individuals to pay tribute to the American farmers' critical contributions to the world.

"As a result of our nation's farmers and growers, this country enjoys the least expensive, most extensive choice of foods available anywhere in the world," Ricciuto said. "Wearing this pin is a way of saying 'thank you' to those who work the land, so the rest of us can do so many other things to contribute to our country's future."

For the past five years, DuPont has provided opportunities for farmers to speak out to the public on various issues they feel are important or need addressed.

"Last year, in recognition of Ag Day, the company sponsored a symposium in Chicago between farmers and the general media to discuss the relationship," Ricciuto said. "It was a great session. Several media outlets covered the Ag Day Symposium and found the information helpful in promoting the industry."

Dave Knau, global marketing communications director for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., said, "We don't say thank you enough to America's farmers for the many contributions they make to the quality of life people enjoy. What better time than the first day of spring to say thanks."

The pin will be attached to a card detailing information about Ag Day and mailed to various individuals including legislators, media, business and agricultural leaders.

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