John Deere offers new scraper kit for planters

NOW GROWERS can optimize efficiency and reduce replacement intervals with the new John Deere tungsten carbide scraper kit. The scrapers are designed to provide superior, long-lasting performance throughout planting season.

John Deere tungsten carbide scraper kits are made with stainless steel to resist corrosion and enhance durability, reducing the need for replacement. The scrapers feature a special tungsten carbide cutting edge for superior abrasion resistance and a long wear life.

John Deere scrapers are available for the following equipment: John Deere 7000 Series Max-Emerge Planters; John Deere 7200 and 7300 Max-Emerge Plus Planters; John Deere 1700 Series Planters; Kinze Planters; Case IH Planters; White 6100 Series Planter.

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