John Deere introduces new scraper line-up

John Deere has added two new machines to its scraper line-up, the 1512E Fixed-Blade Ejector and the 1512C Carry-All Scraper. These versatile machines are designed for precision land-leveling of farm ground; for construction of ponds, levees and terraces; and for site preparation in general construction projects.

“These new scrapers are designed with plenty of heaped capacity and hold 15.5 cubic yards of fill,” says Bobby Cunningham, project manager Cameco division. “They are fully compatible with John Deere 8020 and 9020 Series Tractors and can work in single or tandem operations.”

New hitch

Both the carry-all and the ejector feature a new yoke-type cast hitch, which is stronger and wider than the older design. The new, wider hitch allows for easy hook-up on tractors equipped with optional John Deere quick-attach scraper drawbars.

“Operators will really appreciate the additional capacity and ease of operation of the new scrapers,” says Cunningham. “And the new hitch will allow quicker hook-ups between machines.”

For more information on the 1512E Fixed-Blade Ejector and the 1512C Carry-All Scraper please visit our Web site at or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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