John Deere introduces 9996 picker

Powerful performer

Many cotton growers are harvesting more acres of high yielding cotton in tougher field conditions. To help growers cover more acres in less time, John Deere introduces the new 9996 Cotton Picker, the most productive picker ever built by John Deere.

This machine has more horsepower, larger fuel and water tanks, and more performance-enhancing features to make any operator more comfortable and efficient.

More horsepower

“The new 9996 Cotton Pickers feature a 350-hp, 8.1 L PowerTech Tier II Engine which is 25-hp more than the previous model,” says Jamie Flood, product marketing manager, John Deere Des Moines Works. “The engine also has a 9.5 percent Power Boost to maintain performance while packing cotton in the basket. Growers will really appreciate the additional power these six row pickers have to handle high-yielding cotton in the toughest field conditions.”

The engine is transverse-mounted in the 9996 Cotton Pickers to free up space and provide more room for the moistener system, lube, and fuel tanks at the rear of the machine. This design also improves weight distribution for better traction in the field and allows for ground level serviceability.

A new 200-gallon fuel tank and 345-gallon water tank helps keep operators in the field longer during extended harvest days. An optional factory-installed powered rear-wheel axle is available to power up muddy or hilly conditions.

“The deluxe 3-speed transmission with hydrostatic drive is designed for smooth speed changes,” says Flood. “Two independent hydro systems assure full power to the ground, as well as the picking units. A large capacity hydro pump provides plenty of power in all three gears. We've also redesigned the transmission to allow scrapping speeds up to 4.9 mph in second gear.”

The 9996 Cotton Picker features a deluxe cab that provides a quiet, comfortable working environment. The spacious cab has great visibility of the entire row unit toolbar, and allows the operator to sit comfortably without leaning or twisting forward.

The ComfortCommand seat adjusts five ways and all cab controls are color-coded for easy identification and reach. An optional air-suspension seat is available for even more comfort, and a training seat is standard to help teach inexperienced operators.

“The CommandTouch console that is currently found in new John Deere combines allows for easy control of the pickers,” explains Flood. “The hydro handle provides smooth speed control and easy fingertip control of many functions. Even an inexperienced operator will run this picker like a pro!”

Even more productivity

The industry exclusive Pro-Series row units add even more productivity to the new cotton pickers. The PRO-12 units provide a 12-bar front and 12-bar rear drum, while the PRO-16 units feature 16-bar front drum and a 12-bar rear drum to enhance picking efficiency in tall, high yielding cotton. The new PRO-12 VRS units allow picking from 15- to 40-inch rows. Growers with narrow-row and conventional-row cotton fields will appreciate the flexibility the PRO-12 VRS units provide.

Row-Trak guidance is a productivity enhancing option available on the 9996 pickers. This mechanical system keeps the picker unit on the row and allows the operator to maximize field speed for more efficiency. The operator is more relaxed and less fatigued, while running the machine.

A high-capacity loading and unloading system is built into the 9996 Cotton Picker. A high-performance fan improves airflow for better distribution and conveying efficiency. A large-capacity basket boasts 1,400 cubic feet of storage with a standard basket lid extension.

Innovative system

“The Pro-Lift basket also offers an innovative unloading system,” says Flood. “The basket raises at an angle as the door lowers, giving excellent stability while putting the basket where it is needed.”

Other features that add productivity to the machine are the 360 degree lighting system for nighttime harvesting, wide cab platform for safe and easy inspection of ducts, and a quick remote lube fill to keep a six row machine lubricated for up to a week.

Document yields

Also, Harvest Doc Cotton is now available to map and document cotton yields. Using the three common GreenStar components — the display, the mobile processor and the StarFire iTC receiver; the operator can record field data while harvesting and then download this data to create maps and reports.

“With the increased capacity of the new 9996 Cotton Picker including more horsepower, increased fuel capacity, increased water tank capacity, and increased field speeds,” says Flood, “this is the most productive cotton picker John Deere has ever built.”

For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit the Web site at

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