Japan, Mexico approve imports of Flex cottonseed

Farmers who plant Roundup Ready Flex or Roundup Ready Flex/Bollgard II stacked gene varieties in 2006 will not have to keep that cotton separate from Roundup Ready or Roundup Ready/Bollgard or conventional varieties.

Japan and Mexico recently granted full import approval for cottonseed containing the Roundup Ready Flex trait. The action in February removed the major regulatory hurdle for the new technology. Canada had previously approved the imports of Roundup Ready Flex cottonseed.

Import clearances by Canada, Japan and Mexico were considered critical because those countries purchase the largest share of U.S. cottonseed and cottonseed products. Only 5 percent or an estimated 375,000 tons of U.S. cottonseed are exported to other countries.

Import approvals are not required for fiber from any biotech cotton variety including Roundup Ready Flex and Roundup Ready Flex combined with Bollgard II cotton, according to Monsanto, developer of the new technology.

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