J. Oliver Products opens new headquarters

J. Oliver Products has opened its new company headquarters in Hernando, Miss., and announced several new generic products for sale.

“We're excited about our new company facilities that will allow us to expand our personnel and ability to better serve our customers and farmers,” says company owner James Oliver. “We have more than 10 years of experience in the generic business and after our new company began operations in March 2006, we quickly recognized the need to expand.”

Oliver said that generic companies “bring competition to the major corporations and lower costs for farmers. The cost of production including the price of seed, technology fees, diesel fuel and fertilizer is skyrocketing. One of the few cost relief items available to growers is off-patent products, which bring competition to the marketplace and help lower farmers' cost. We're lean and can pass along our savings to growers.”

The company makes products available all over the United States and uses active ingredients from the United States, India, China and Europe. “All our products are regulated by EPA,” Oliver says. “They are all registered and certified to be equivalent to the products of origin.”

The company is registering the following products with EPA: lambda cyalothrin insecticide for crops including cotton, rice and soybeans; imidicloprid insecticides for cotton, tobacco, vegetables and fruit trees; tebuconizole fungicide for peanuts and cereal grains; ethephon plant growth regulator for cotton and tobacco; mepiquat chloride plant growth regulator for cotton; and thiadizuron defoliant for cotton.

J. Oliver's current product line includes Oracle (4-pound dicamba), Cyper AG Gold (cypermethrin), Bifen 2 AG Gold (bifenthrin), acephate 90 WSP, permethrin 3.2 AG, Mighty Met 60 DF (metsulfuron methyl), Pilot 4E (4-pound chlorphyrifos), Pilot 15G (15 percent chlorphyrifos granules), Stratos (dicamba and atrazine) and Weed King (dicamba and 2,4-D).

Call (662) 429-7621 for information on an ag retail outlet offering these products or go to www.joliverproducts.com.

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