Intrepid 2F insecticide granted Section 3 label

Dow AgroSciences has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the use of Intrepid 2F insecticide for control of soybean loopers, armyworms and other worm pests in soybeans.

Intrepid is an insect growth regulator effective against many species of lepidopteran insects, but has not demonstrated any toxicological effects to most beneficial insects, mites, and pollinators such as lady beetles, lacewings, parasitic wasps, and bees.

The active ingredient in Intrepid — methoxyfenozide — mimics the natural insect molting hormone, inducing a premature lethal molt of the larvae within hours of ingestion.

Intrepid offers extended residual activity of at least 14 days on treated foliage.

For use in soybeans, Intrepid should be applied at a rate of 4 to 8 fluid ounces per acre when first signs of feeding damage from target pests appear or when infestations reach threshold levels defined by the Extension Service or other qualified authorities. Higher rates in the approved range should be used for heavier infestations and in conditions where thorough coverage is more difficult.

No more than two applications — or a maximum of 16 fluid ounces per acre — of Intrepid are permitted on soybeans during a single season. After applying Intrepid, growers should allow at least 14 days between final application and harvest, and wait at least seven days after harvest before planting any other crop.

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