Industry News: Brigadier insecticide available for cotton market

Cotton growers looking for broad-spectrum control of tough insect pests now have a new option for fast knockdown and long-lasting residual control, according to FMC. The company has launched new Brigadier insecticide, which recently received an expanded label from the Environmental Protection Agency for use in cotton.

“Brigadier provides unmatched control of a more broad spectrum of cotton pests in a convenient formula,” said Bob Leifker, Brigadier product manager with FMC. “Cotton growers can count on Brigadier to knock down tough pests, including tarnished plant bugs and western plant bugs, and keep them down throughout critical plant growth and boll development stages.”

The dual mode of action in new Brigadier provides fast knockdown and longer-lasting residual activity on a broad spectrum of cotton pests in one convenient formulation, he said. “In addition, Brigadier is an excellent tool in an overall resistance management program in cotton.

“Growers looking to maximize cotton yields and overall potential profits this season can trust Brigadier to knock down a broad spectrum of tough cotton pests,” said Leifker. “The dual mode of action in Brigadier delivers fast knockdown and excellent residual effect in a convenient formulation, helping protect valuable cotton acres for increased yields.”

Field trials conducted in Mississippi and Arkansas in 2007 showed superior performance of Brigadier in controlling tarnished plant bug populations, even in plots where pest pressure was intense, he said.

Brigadier should be used as a foliar application at rates ranging from 3.8 ounces per acre to 7.7 ounces per acre, depending on the level of pest pressure. Brigadier carries a “warning” signal word and can be used as part of a resistance management program in cotton.

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