Improving wildlife habitat with herbicides

Known as the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program, the cost share program subsidizes the cost of applying Arsenal AC in pine stands. WHIP was established by Congress as a part of the 1996 farm bill to provide assistance with payments for conservation projects that benefit various wildlife species and habitats and was reauthorized in the 2002 farm bill.

One of ProVM’s smart herbicide products, Arsenal AC controls invasive hardwood brush in pine stands, allowing wildlife-preferred food sources, such as legumes and rubus, to flourish on the forest floor.

Smart herbicides target specific plant species such as sweetgum by penetrating and moving all the way through to kill them at their roots. With invasive hardwood brush out of the way, sunlight reaches the forest floor and wildlife-preferred food sources have less competition for nutrients and water.

“By giving land managers the opportunity to improve wildlife habitat through the use of smart herbicides, BASF ProVM is helping to create and enhance the quality of Mississippi forestland,” said Bobby Watkins, BASF Professional Vegetation Management technical specialist.

“Mississippi’s support of WHIP is a great advantage for Mississippi’s landowners and the environment.”

Mississippi is the first state to subsidize the cost of spraying Arsenal AC through WHIP. Though WHIP is available nationwide, Mississippi ranks second in the nation for enrollment.

WHIP participants can also take advantage of state funded technical and silvicultural advice to utilize beneficial land management techniques. Under WHIP, USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service will provide technical assistance and pay 75 percent of the cost of implementing new management practices.

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