Hutchison criticizes Mexico for water debt

SEN. KAY Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, pledged her continued commitment to agriculture and expressed frustration regarding the lingering Mexican water debt, and its adverse impact on Rio Grande Valley producers.

Speaking at the Texas Farm Bureau's 69th annual meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas, Hutchison charged that Mexican officials are “playing games” with the lives of farmers and ranchers in the Rio Grande Valley.

Mexico has consistently refused to abide by the 1944 treaty that outlines the rules for water use from the river that separates Texas from Mexico, said Hutchison, adding that Mexico has not been honest about the situation.

“I think we have to take some very strong steps.” Hutchison said she talk to the White House and the State Department about either having sanctions against Chihuahuan agricultural products coming into the U.S. or re-examining the treaty itself.

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