Help for estimating irrigation costs

Having an accurate estimate of the cost of irrigation is important in farm business decisions.

Estimates of fixed costs are critical for investment analysis. Operating cost estimates can assist in decisions regarding additional irrigations.

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service recently updated a fact sheet that examines the costs associated with owning and operating a well, pump and gearhead, power unit, and irrigation system.

The analysis covers furrow, flood, border, non-towable center pivot and towable center pivot using a standard well (120 feet or less). Flood, border and furrow irrigation systems are further analyzed using a deep well (between 120 and 240 feet) and a stationary relift pump system.

Both ownership and operating costs are addressed and calculated on a total annual and per acre basis.

“Estimating Irrigation Costs” is available through Arkansas county extension offices, or it can be downloaded at

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