Halex GT: glyphosate with residual

Syngenta Crop Protection has announced federal registration for Halex GT, a new postemergence corn herbicide for Agrisure GT and Roundup Ready corn hybrids.

Halex GT offers the convenience of glyphosate with the added benefit of broad-spectrum, residual control of the toughest broadleaf weeds and grasses in corn, including ragweeds, waterhemp, lambsquarters, pigweeds and foxtails.

Halex GT will be available for the 2008 growing season.

“After several years of testing formulations and conducting efficacy trials, Syngenta has developed a state-of-the art herbicide specifically designed for glyphosate-tolerant corn for growers who want a simple, one-pass post-emergence program that delivers improved performance over glyphosate alone,” said Gordon Vail, technical brand manager, Syngenta Crop Protection.

“In field comparison trials conducted over the past four years, Halex GT has consistently outperformed and out-yielded both one-pass and two-pass glyphosate programs.”

Halex GT is powered by mesotrione, the active ingredient in Callisto, which provides season-long residual control allowing for greater application timing flexibility. Growers no longer need to delay postemergence applications waiting for weeds to emerge. Halex GT will clean up weeds present in the field at application and keep fields weed-free until crop canopy.

“By combining glyphosate and residual control, Halex GT will give growers a more convenient, agronomic and higher-yielding alternative to other post-emergence glyphosate-tolerant programs used today,” said Carroll Moseley, Halex GT brand manager, Syngenta Crop Protection.

“With three proven active ingredients in one, easy-to-use premix, even weeds showing tolerance or resistance to several chemistries including triazines, ALS inhibiting products and glyphosate are no match for Halex GT. Halex GT will definitely help growers improve their glyphosate-tolerant corn production.”

In addition to delivering superior performance, Halex GT has also exhibited excellent crop safety. Development trials between 2003 and 2006 including tank-mix and premix formulations of the active ingredients demonstrated excellent crop tolerance when using Halex GT according to the label.

For more information about Halex GT, contact your Syngenta sales representative or the Syngenta Customer Center at (866) 796-4368.

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