Griffin's Mepex Plus gains cotton registration

Mepex Plus brand enhanced mepiquat chloride has received a federal registration for use in cotton.

“This is an enhanced mepiquat chloride product,” says Griffin's Joe Mares.

“It has all the features and benefits of Mepex with the additional advantages of greater boll retention and improved lint yields.

In addition, growers can expect to see improved fiber quality when they use Mepex Plus.

“The new material was tested in greenhouses and in field trials by both Griffin product development personnel and in Beltwide university trials, so we have tremendous confidence in the way it will perform for growers.”

Mepex Plus can enhance earliness by as much as three to 10 days.

“Less rank growth and reduced boll rot from better sunlight penetration are other advantages this new product offers,” says Mares.

“Mepex Plus will be priced competitively with other enhanced mepiquat chloride products so growers can expect both increased yields and more profits.”

Mepex Plus is registered for use in all states except California where registration is expected within the next several months.

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