GPS, GIS hands-on workshop Aug. 25

Timberland owners interested in learning how to use GPS to better manage their land have an opportunity at the Hands-On GPS and GIS Workshop offered by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service on Aug. 25 in Fordyce, Ark.

“Attendees will be learning how to use a GPS unit, as well as how to take the data collected on the GPS unit and build maps using free GIS software,” said Les Walz, Cleveland County Extension staff chair.

The workshop is limited to the first 25 people and the cost to attend is $25. The event will be held at the United Methodist Church, 104 E. 4th Street, in Fordyce. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and the program should conclude by 3 p.m. Lunch will be served.

The program is part of the Extension Service’s continuing educational outreach in the area of timber and forest management.

“We’re offering the program based on evaluations collected following the 2006 Wildlife Expo,” Walz said. “We set up this informal workshop to help meet the needs of residents in Bradley, Calhoun, Cleveland and Dallas counties.”

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