LSU AgCenter premieres new video highlighting ag research benefits

It’s a jungle out there.

Farmers are all too aware of the threats weeds, diseases, insects and other pests pose to their crops year in and year out. But consumers aren’t. That means funding for agricultural research makes an easy target when legislators are looking for ways to slash spending.

The LSU AgCenter is fighting back, trying to show legislators and consumers the importance of providing adequate funding to help agricultural producers find better ways to feed and clothe a population that is expected to reach 10 billion people in a few short decades.

AgCenter personnel recently completed a two-part video that gives consumers a firsthand look at how agricultural research is going the extra mile to make sure they have a safe and abundant food supply. To watch the videos, go to Louisiana’s Frontline: 125 Years of Ag Research (Part 1) and Louisiana’s Frontline: 125 Years of Ag Research (Part 2).

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