Hyde-Smith: first female ag commissioner for Mississippi

Mississippi voters made history this month with the election of the state's first-ever female agriculture commissioner -- Cindy Hyde-Smith of Brookhaven. She ran as a Republican and captured 57 percent of the vote.

Hyde-Smith has been a state senator for 12 years and chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee for eight years.

She and her husband, Mike, are cattle farmers and partners in cattle auctions company.

In her campaign to become Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, Hyde-Smith pledged to: combine agriculture with traditional economic development to create jobs; increase opportunities and revenues for farmers through agritourism and expansion of specialty crops; expand the state's MDAC quick pay program to fruit and vegetable growers; promote farmers' market programs; build on the existing Make Mine Mississippi program; and encourage development of alternative agricultural energy resources.

Mississippi State University's Artis Ford reports on this and other results from Mississippi's Nov. 8 election in this FarmWeek video:


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