EPA/Corps/NRCS alliance spells trouble, Rep. Crawford says

"We’re changing the dynamic of the relationship between farmers and the NRCS by bringing NRCS into a triad of regulatory agencies — EPA, Corps of Engineers, and NRCS — all part of a package geared to implement Waters of the U.S.," says Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford, who spoke at the annual conference of the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation. “NRCS has been the farmer’s friend," he says, "and now some of the things they’re doing are even more draconian than what the EPA does. We’ve set the stage for an agency that has been historically fairly reliable, politically benign, a very helpful agency, to be brought into a regulatory regime, and that is particularly troubling for the agriculture industry. The USDA hasn’t historically been a regulatory agency, and now it is being set up to be in an adversarial relationship.”

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