Ginners elect officers for 2002

SLEDGE TAYLOR, Como, Miss., farmer/ginner, has been elected president of the Southern Cotton Ginners Association for 2002.

Serving with him will be vice president David Blakemore; treasurer Richard Bransford; chairman of the board Bobby Todd; and executive vice president Lee Todd.

Member associations of SCGA also elected officers for 2002 at their annual meeting during the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show.

Leading the Arkansas-Missouri Ginners Association will be Curtis Stewart, president; David Blakemore, first vice president; and John Stuckey, second vice president.

Serving as president of the Louisiana Ginners Association is W. A. “Billy” Guthrie. George LaCour is first vice president and John T. Carroll is second vice president.

Sledge Taylor is president of the Mississippi Ginners Association; James Killebrew is first vice president; and George King is second vice president.

Teddy Hazlehurst is president of the Tennessee Ginners Association; David Jenkins is first vice president; and Chris Clegg is second vice president.

Lee Todd serves as executive vice president for all the associations.

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