Generic Imidacloprid 4F registered in cotton.

Makhteshim Agan of North America has received full EPA approval for Imidacloprid 4F insecticide, a generic alternative for cotton.

Imidacloprid 4F contains the active ingredient found in Trimax for control of piercing and sucking insects that attack cotton plants, including aphids, plant bugs, fleahoppers and stink bugs. The active imidacloprid has also been shown to improve boll retention and encourage earlier harvest in cotton, according to MANA.

Imidacloprid 4F is formulated as a 4-pound flowable.

“MANA is pleased to offer Imidacloprid 4F in the familiar 4-pound formulation,” says Brian Ahrens, senior product manager for MANA. “It's a win-win for cotton growers because it offers a convenient and reliable value-priced solution to some of the worst yield and profit-robbing pests.”

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