FMC launches Cadet herbicide for corn and soybean markets

Corn and soybean growers have a new option for selective postemergence control of tough broadleaf weeds with Cadet herbicide from FMC Corporation. Cadet delivers control of velvetleaf, pigweed, lambsquarters, waterhemp and nightshade.

Cadet is a reliable, effective tank-mix partner with a variety of other herbicides (including glyphosate) to provide a more cost-effective, broad spectrum of control for increased yields and higher profits, according to FMC.

“Cadet provides target weed control at lower rates than competitive herbicides,” says FMC product manager Yemel Ortega.

“At a standard rate of just 0.4 to 0.5 ounce per acre, growers can count on Cadet delivering superior postemergence activity on a variety of key weeds, including resistant biotypes.

“Cadet gives corn and soybean growers an effective, flexible tool for rescue management of velvetleaf and other troublesome broadleaf weeds.

“Cadet eliminates weeds that glyphosate alone just can't control and works as a convenient, economical postemergence treatment, making it an integral part of an overall weed resistance management program for both corn and soybeans.”

Cadet is labeled for control of a variety of broadleaf weeds, including waterhemp, lambsquarters, pigweed, nightshade, jimsonweed, burcucumber, spurred anoda, and others. In addition, Cadet provides velvetleaf control (up to 36 inches in height).

“More effective and economical tools for resistance management are critical for corn and soybean growers looking to maximize overall yields and profits in the face of current market dynamics,” says Ortega.

“Cadet is just what growers are looking for to help manage resistance and knock down velvetleaf and other tough weeds using a lower rate of application compared to the competition.”

University and FMC studies show the efficacy of Cadet in controlling key weeds in large soybean plot trials. When applied at the recommended rates, Cadet provided nearly 100 percent control of velvetleaf. In addition, Cadet provided outstanding control of tall waterhemp and lambsquarters.

Cadet carries a 60-day pre-harvest interval for soybeans and a 90-day pre-harvest interval for corn. Growers should apply Cadet at rates ranging from 0.4 to 0.9 ounce per acre, depending on weed pressure and tank-mix partners.

For enhanced weed spectrum, growers can apply Cadet as a tank-mix with glyphosate or other postemergence herbicides approved for corn and soybeans.

For more information about the complete portfolio of crop protection products from FMC, visit

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