FMC Brigade insecticide for pest control in cotton

FMC Corporation has introduced Brigade 2EC insecticide to provide broad-spectrum control of stink bugs, plant bugs, mites and other mid- to late-season pests in cotton.

“Brigade 2EC provides the efficacious, broad-spectrum insect control of mid- to late-season pests, including mites, in cotton. In addition, it has been specially designed for cotton, using the FMC All-Weather-Formula, a highly optimized and advanced emulsifiable concentrate formulation unmatched for its mixing, handling and storage advantages, said Yemel Ortega, Brigade 2EC product manager for FMC Agricultural Products Group in the United States.

“Brigade 2EC has superior emulsification performance under a wide range of environmental, mixing and spraying conditions for uniform foliage coverage and excellent pest control. Brigade 2EC has the same active ingredient and formula of Capture 2EC insecticide, long regarded by cotton consultants as the premier cotton insecticide.”

Brigade 2EC insecticide can be foliar-applied at recommended rates of 1.3 to 6.4 ounces per acre, depending on the targeted pest.

Brigade 2EC is now available for use and sale in many cotton-producing areas.

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