Fertilizer conference Nov. 11-13

Information on fertilizer supply and demand, seed technology and the current food price situation will be on the agenda at The Fertilizer Institute’s Fertilizer Outlook and Technology Conference, Nov. 11-13 in Charleston, S.C.

The conference is geared towards industry members, financial analysts, business consultants, agricultural and trade press representatives, and government economists.

The conference opens with a look at emerging trends in the world of agribusiness including: the conference keynote address on food prices by Phillip Abbott of Purdue University; an overview of new seed technologies by Dean Oestreich, president of Pioneer Hi-Bred International; and a look at the fertilizer industry from Wall Street by David Silver of JP Morgan.

The second day’s general session features an agriculture outlook by Rich Pottorff of Doane Advisory Services; a nitrogen outlook by Doug Stone of Terra Industries; a sulfur outlook by Barry Clarke of Pentasul; phosphate outlook by Andy Jung of CRU International; and potash outlook by Jeff Holzman of PotashCorp.

Other highlights of the agenda include a look at the Russian nitrogen fertilizer market by Marina Simonova of British Sulphur Consultants and an overview of opportunities in Africa provided by Jan Nijhoff of the International Fertilizer Development Center.

For further information on the conference speakers and agenda, contact Kathy Mathers by at (202) 515-2703 or e-mail [email protected].

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