Farm Works Software introduces Titan RT computer for field use

Farm Works Software is releasing a state of the art personal computing device to be used in a truck, tractor, sprayer, or ATV. The Rugged Tablet PC, also known as Titan RT, uses the latest technology and software for field applications. The versatile device allows growers to use existing GPS receivers along with the Farm Works Software “Mate” programs to perform a wide range of tasks in the field.

The large-screened Rugged Tablet PC is easier to see than smaller, handheld computing devices. The nearly 8.5-inch wide computer screen makes it easier for the grower to see what is displayed while at the wheel of the sprayer or tractor and driving over rugged terrain.

Combined with Farm Works Software programs, the Rugged Tablet PC provides a low-cost option for growers to use GPS for mapping field boundaries, scouting problem areas, guidance, soil sampling and variable rate control.

For additional information visit or contact [email protected]. The telephone number is 800-225-2848.

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