Coffee County, Tenn., diverse ag, heavy in no-till

Coffee County, Tenn., is a diverse agricultural county that has gone big time into no-till crop production.

Coffee County, Tennessee features a mix of agricultural enterprises, encompassing about 145,000 acres, according the USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture. 

Some 54 percent of that acreage is devoted to row crops; the rest is allocated to pastureland, woodland and other enterprises. Soybeans hold the top spot for row crop production; other crops include corn for grain and wheat for grain. Forage production also plays an important role. Poultry is tops for livestock enterprise followed by cattle.

Recently, University of Tennessee Coffee County Extension agent Steve Harris agreed to provide a short tour of some of the farm enterprises in the county.

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We started the tour at Summitville Grain and Feed Co. where owner Cindy Anderson offered a good overview of the county’s agricultural situation, including crop updates and current commodity prices.

A few faremers talked about how the season is progressing.Then Harris showed me some of the farm landscapes with two stops to diversified operations.

Coffee County farmers have turned heavily to no-till production systems, taking advantage of cover crops and old crop residue to conserve soil, hold moisture and limit trips across the field. Here are a few photos from the quick tour.


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