Farm Bureau Summer Commodity Conference July 8-9

Farm Bureau’s annual Summer Commodity Conference, a forum for producers to develop policy at the grassroots level will be held at the Jackson, Miss., Hilton July 8-9.

“Everything starts on the farm,” said David Waide, president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau. “Farmers need a way to band together to solve their problems and this Commodity Conference is one step in that direction.”

Policies developed at the meeting will be forwarded to the State Resolutions Committee to be analyzed and sent on for consideration at Farm Bureau’s annual convention. If passed, they become Farm Bureau policy and have the full weight of the 230,000-member state farm organization behind them.

After a general session, attendees will break out into individual commodity advisory groups.

“This grassroots method of developing policy is what makes Farm Bureau strong,” Waide said. “These policies come from the farm, which is the heart of Mississippi agriculture.”

For more information about the conference, contact the Farm Bureau Commodity Department at 601-977-4231.

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