Farm Bureau’s Distinguished Service Award Goes to Farming Pioneer

Bennett, a farmer from Benton County in northeast Mississippi, worked as a school teacher, an agricultural Extension agent and served in the Mississippi House of Representatives, all while establishing a premier row-crop operation in northeast Mississippi.

“The cotton industry owes Mr. Bennett a great debt of gratitude,” says MSFB President David Waide. “Thanks to him we have a successful boll weevil eradication program in our state.”

During the turbulent 1990s, when eradication programs were being established in his area, Bennett spoke openly and convincingly of his belief that Mississippi should enter a boll weevil eradiation program and held several leadership roles for the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corp.

Bennett’s Farm Bureau contributions include more than 20 years as president of the county Farm Bureau program and his current role as an honorary vice president of the MFBF.

Bennett was honored by Waide during the closing banquet of the MFBF’s 81st annual meeting in Jackson Dec. 7-9.

Eva Ann Dorris is a freelance journalist from Pontotoc, Miss. She can be reached at

e-mail: [email protected]

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