Equus touted as effective rust solution

Now that the presence of Asian soybean rust has been reported in the U.S., it's imperative for soybean growers to prepare a plan of action to keep ahead of the disease with strategically timed preventative control. Equus fungicide from FarmSaver.com offers growers an economical and effective preventative solution to the threat of soybean rust infections.

The active ingredient in Equus is chorothalonil, chemistry that is proven in controlling plant disease in a variety of crops. Its unique multi-site mode of action obstructs development of fungal cells and stops spore germination. Chlorothalonil, the active ingredient in Equus, has been used in many crops for over 20 years and there have been no documented cases of resistance.

“Equus provides soybean growers with an economical choice in dealing with the threat of soybean rust infections. The economics of soybean production can be greatly compromised by the additional expense of fighting rust,” says Kevin Chatelain, product manager of FarmSaver.com. “Equus will help relieve some of that financial burden, and certainly help growers manage soybean rust with a sound and sensible treatment program.” Currently, it is the least expensive cost per acre treatment of all the fungicide options labeled for soybean rust.

Growers should plan to make preventative applications when soybeans are in the R1-R2 stage of growth. Then follow with a second fungicide application 10-21 days later to protect new untreated growth in the soybean plant if conditions remain favorable for disease development. Soybean rust thrives during extended periods of leaf wetness with temperatures ranging from 59 to 82°F.

For more data visit www.farmsaver.com or call 1-800-979-8994.

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