EPA grants label for Mustang Max

EPA HAS granted a Section 3 registration to FMC for the use of its new Mustang Max on cotton, soybeans, rice, wheat, sugarcane, grain sorghum, pecans and several vegetable crops.

An emulsifiable concentrate, containing 0.8 pound of active ingredient per gallon, Mustang Max is replacing FMC's Fury 1.5 EC insecticide. FMC will continue to sell existing supplies of Fury, but will no longer manufacture the pyrethroid.

“Mustang Max is a new product resulting from process technology that enriched the active isomers, significantly enhancing product performance,” according to a spokesman for FMC.

“As a result, Mustang Max provides fast-acting and long-lasting broad-spectrum insect control.”

Use rates for Mustang Max range from 0.008 to 0.025 pound of active ingredient per acre, depending on the target pest and the crop being treated. FMC recommends 0.018 pound of active ingredient for Heliothine larvae and boll weevils in cotton.

Mustang Max is packaged in 1-quart and 1-gallon containers and 15- and 110-gallon U-Turn containers.

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