EPA approves label for Stalwart Xtra

The company introduced Stalwart C Herbicide, a straight metolachlor product, earlier this year. The new herbicides give growers and agricultural chemical distributors a value-oriented option when purchasing metolachlor products.

Stalwart Xtra contains 2.4 pounds of metolachlor and 3.1 pounds of atrazine per gallon. It delivers season-long pre-emergence and early postemergence control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in field corn.

Offering great flexibility, Stalwart Xtra can be applied before or after planting. The convenient 5.5-pound flowable formulation makes it ideal for tank mixing with other herbicides as well as fluid fertilizers. Stalwart Xtra is available in 2 x 2.5-gallon cases, 260-gallon mini bulk containers and bulk. A complete product label can be viewed at www.sipcamagrousa.com.

Sipcam Agro USA is a basic producer and marketer of crop protection products. The company utilizes the latest technologies and efficiencies to serve a broad range of distributors and growers nationwide. For more information about the Stalwart Herbicide products or the complete line of Sipcam Agro products, call 800-295-0733 or visit the company’s website at www.sipcamagrousa.com.

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