EMD adds Reveal Foliar for corn, soybeans

Reveal Foliar, the first foliar product containing LCO Promoter Technology, has been added to the lineup of crop inputs from EMD Crop BioScience.

Applied post-emergence, Reveal Foliar can offer growers more vigorous growth and healthier, greener crops through enhanced photosynthesis and sugar production, according to the company.

“The foliar spray option opens up new opportunities and flexibility for growers,” says John Hren, North American marketing manager with EMD Crop BioScience. “Because it's a foliar application, Reveal Foliar is an ideal complement to Roundup and other tank-mix partners, which makes it convenient for growers looking to enhance plant growth and achieve better yields without adding a trip across the field.”

According to a company press release, “LCO Promoter Technology is a unique, naturally occurring molecule that enhances plant development by turning on plant growth processes. Different from the direct root response of formulations that are applied on-seed or in-furrow, Reveal Foliar increases photosynthesis and sugar production when applied to foliage. But just like other crop inputs, the end result is a stronger, healthier start for plants, helping the crop better endure the inconsistencies of environmental pressures.”

“Seed-treating soybean growers are familiar with the LCO molecule in Optimize, but this opens up new opportunities to corn and soybean growers who are already spraying a fungicide or herbicide” says Hren. “They won't need an extra pass, and based on our trial data, they'll be able to try Reveal Foliar with confidence.”

EMD Crop BioScience said field trials of Reveal Foliar from 2004 through the 2007 season produced “outstanding and consistent results. In soybeans, the mean yield response was at 3.4 bushels per acre, with positive results recorded in more than 82 percent of plots. In corn, a mean yield response of 7 bushels per acre was recorded, with positive responses found in 94.4 percent of trials.

“Because research has also shown multiple applications of LCO Promoter Technology in the same season can provide cumulative benefits, Reveal Foliar represents a chance for corn and soybean growers to increase their ROI even further,” the company said.

In corn, EMD Crop BioScience has recently introduced Torque IF, an in-furrow treatment for corn, and soybean growers are already familiar with Optimize, a seed-applied formulation of LCO Promoter Technology.

Hren says a post-emergence treatment of Reveal Foliar can enhance the effects of either of these early-season treatments.

“This is a case where 1+1 = more than 2,” says Hren. “For example, you can treat the soybean seed with Optimize, then come back and treat with Reveal Foliar. Research shows us these two applications will provide results that are greater than the sum of their individual effects, so we are very excited about what this means in terms of potential profits to growers.”

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