DTN offers Six Factors for market analysis

A growing number of unpredicted variables have made today's commodity markets increasingly complex. To help producers manage their market analysis, last March DTN introduced the commodity market advisory service DTN Six Factors Market Strategies.

The service provides users of all levels of expertise with essential market information and practical recommendations by simplifying market analysis and focusing on six key market factors.

Subscribers receive daily market reports with clear, concise and conservative marketing strategies for both futures traders and cash traders.

DTN Six Factors:

  • Trend: The current near-term and long-term market directions and their effect.

  • Non-commercial outlook: Knowing the current position and direction of speculative traders is critical to understanding where prices are likely to head.

  • Commercial traders: Large commercial traders offer the best insight into the fundamental supply and demand situation for the underlying commodity.

  • Seasonal Index: Historical seasonal price trends are important indicators of potential direction.

  • Price probability: Indicates how current prices compare to historical norms and where they are most and least likely to go.

  • Volatility: The speed of the market helps determine proper strategies with insight into how expensive options premiums are — the more volatile the market, the larger the premium.

DTN Six Factors Market Strategies offers up-to-the-minute analysis of these factors and their likely effects on the market, as well as recommendations for both pure cash and futures traders — updated as conditions warrant.

Its recommendations are designed to be within reach of the typical producer and to outperform pure fundamentals — without risk or expense of technical strategy.

Clear market data summaries and charts support the DTN Six Factors Market Strategies, offering recommendations that are fundamentally conservative, designed for risk management not speculation.

By providing unlimited access to expert insight, this product enables users to time product delivery and cash marketing to gain higher profitability, track seasonal price trends for producer products and help farmers lock in prices for inputs to manage an operation's costs more effectively.

The product will help users reduce price risk due to market volatility, get better margins for commodities, reduce costs of inputs and use the futures market to protect prices. Overall, its easy-to-understand analysis and information helps users make more informed decisions to improve their profitability.

For more information about DTN Six Factors Market Strategies or DTN, a leading business-to-business provider of real-time market, weather and news information services, go to www.dtn.com on the Internet.

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