D&PL outlines finance and replant programs

The shifts among on-farm acres has created a unique financial dilemma for Southern farmers. Monsanto's Delta and Pine Land announces unique solutions for growers facing that dilemma, according to Kevin Eblen, D&PL business lead.

“Today, more than ever, growers are adjusting crop mix selections on their farms in an effort to maximize profitability. In many cases, crop mix intentions are modified right up to planting,” said Eblen.

“Making these changes in past years meant assuming additional risk. With our business providing a range of crops, we realized that we could design programs to address the financing risks that accompany that cropping flexibility.”

As a result, Monsanto's D&PL business has created two such programs that seek to provide growers with additional choice and flexibility, while minimizing growers' financial risks.

The first program, called CottonPlus Financing provides growers competitive financing on selected branded seed, including Deltapine cotton, and herbicides from Monsanto. Growers who sign up early may qualify for rates as low as prime minus four percent. The program provides a single source of financing for most Monsanto branded products.

“This is a first for both the industry and cotton farmers,” says Deltapine marketing manager Brad Godwin. “The program offers an inclusive financing option which allows growers to change cropping plans without having to go back through the financing process. This will be very valuable for growers whose planting intentions change due to weather occurrences or fluctuations in commodity pricing.”

The FarmFlex programs for DeKalb and Asgrow seed remain available, including FarmFlex Zero Percent Seed Financing Option, FarmFlex Early Cash Discount Option, and FarmFlex FlexPLUS Seed and Herbicide Financing Option.

Godwin explains a second program, called CottonPlus Replant, which offers investment protection on Monsanto branded seeds and traits when crop replanting is needed.

“We are offering investment protection on the crop planted initially, as well as seed investment protection even if you replant with a different qualifying seed crop,” Godwin says. “No other company offers a comprehensive replant program with the cropping flexibility you get with the CottonPlus Replant program.”

For example many growers in the Southern U.S. lost corn due to a late freeze in 2007. Within the 2008 CottonPlus Replant program, a grower who plants DeKalb corn receives replant protection on the initial trait investment through Roundup Rewards while receiving protection on the second crop's seed germplasm investment even when replanting DeKalb corn or sorghum, Deltapine or Asgrow soybeans or Deltapine cotton.

“The CottonPlus Replant program is also an industry first which seeks to provide additional choices to growers. We are pleased to offer these streamlined programs in supporting growers across the Southern U.S.,” Godwin says.

For details on any of these programs and requirements, growers can contact their local dealer or D&PL representative. Brochures may also be obtained by calling the Customer Service Center at (800) 511-7333.

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