D&PL bags to have new look

Company officials say the newly designed bags will help simplify variety and technology selection.

Starting in 2003, D&PL will differentiate each family of seed it offers by bag color. Conventional planting seed varieties will be in white bags, Roundup Ready seed in pink bags, Bollgard in green, Bollgard/Roundup Ready stacked gene in gold and Bollgard II/Roundup Ready stacked gene in yellow.

The new design also incorporates the three D&PL seed brands - Deltapine, Paymaster and Sure Grow - on all bags. The brand logos are centered below a dominant D&PL logo on the front of the bags.

''The redesign of the D&PL cotton seed bags is another effort to make variety and technology selection easier,'' says Jim Willeke, vice president of sales and marketing. ''Growers still have the same broad range of quality products to choose from; we've just assigned each technology package and our conventional lines individual color identities.''

The new bag designs also reinforce the fact that all three seed brands are products of Delta and Pine Land Company.

''Although our regular customers are probably aware that Deltapine, Paymaster and Sure Grow are D&PL brands, the new bags will help signal to our non-traditional customers that these brands are developed and marketed by one of the largest and most reliable cotton seed companies in the world,'' says Willeke.

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