D&PL acquires DuPont biotechnology licenses

Delta and Pine Land Company has acquired licenses from DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., including its Optimum GAT herbicide tolerance technology for cotton and soybeans.

Additionally, D&PL has acquired licenses for other products developed by the DuPont biotechnology research program and certain enabling technologies for use in cotton, soybeans and other crops.

The Optimum GAT trait developed by DuPont will provide farmers with expanded weed control options and help optimize yield. This herbicide tolerance technology makes plants tolerant to both glyphosate and ALS herbicides, including sulfonylureas.

Previously, DuPont announced plans to commercialize Optimum GAT in Pioneer brand corn and soybeans and also secured significant global outlicense agreements.

D&PL and DuPont, through its subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., are partners in a joint venture, DeltaMax Cotton LLC, which was initially formed to develop and commercialize glyphosate tolerance technology in cotton.

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