Dividend Extreme cereal fungicide seed treatment

Syngenta Crop Protection's Dividend Extreme, an improved formulation of Dividend XL, is a broad-spectrum cereal fungicide seed treatment. Dividend Extreme controls 16 early-season seedborne, soilborne and fall foliar diseases in wheat, including general seed rots, pythium damping off, common root rot, loose smut, seedborne fusarium and septoria, powdery mildew, septoria leaf blotch, take-all and dwarf bunt.

“Although Dividend XL continues to have an excellent performance history and controls more diseases than any other cereal fungicide seed treatment on the market, we wanted to make the product easier to work with,” said Steve Russell, seed treatment crop manager for Syngenta. “While creating the new formulation, we also took the opportunity to increase the performance, specifically against pythium. The result is a more-effective and easier-to-use product for both wheat growers and seed companies.”

With a systemic mode of action, Dividend Extreme contains 12 grams of Dividend (difenoconazole) and 3 grams of Apron XL (mefenoxam) per kg of seed. Apron XL inhibits the growth and development of pythium spp., the causal agent of seed rot and damping off, while Dividend provides activity on the remaining labeled diseases.

With three times the former rate of Apron XL, Dividend Extreme offers control of pythium damping off, while maintaining Dividend's reputation for seed safety.

In addition to providing increased pythium control, the new formulation improves flowability, reduces dust off, improves adhesion to the seed and minimizes buildup in the seed treater to insure thorough coverage of the seed and improve performance.

“Dividend Extreme not only provides a more convenient formulation and enhanced performance against pythium, but its real advantage is its ability to aid in the development of strong, uniform stands without delaying emergence,” said Russell. “This helps increase yield potential and leads to a more profitable crop.”

Applied by commercial seed companies, Dividend Extreme reduces the producer's exposure to pesticides at planting and eliminates the labor and handling involved in applying a separate fungicide. The low-rate formulation also reduces environmental exposure.

For more information on Dividend Extreme, contact a Syngenta Crop Protection or seed treatment representative or a local seed dealer.

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