Delta King Seed invests in Patriot BioFuels Plant

Delta King Seed Company continues its promotion of SoyDiesel by investing in the Patriot BioFuels Plant in Stuttgart, Ark., that will open this spring. Investing in the plant marks the third element in a multi-faceted campaign whereby Delta King intends to become a leading proponent of SoyDiesel in the Mid-South.

Noal Lawhon, president and owner of Delta King, says, “I don't feel right asking folks to spend their hard-earned money on something unless I'm convinced it'll be good for them. So to learn more about SoyDiesel for myself, four years ago we started running SoyDiesel all the time in all our Delta King delivery fleet. In September of last year, we put all our Delta King sales reps in diesel pickups so they can use SoyDiesel, and now we've invested in a new SoyDiesel manufacturing plant. I'm convinced that SoyDiesel is good for the environment, that it's good for the Mid-South economy, and that it's good for our country because it can help reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.”

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