Delta King adds four new soybean varieties

Delta King Seed Company has added two Group 4 and two Group 5 soybean varieties for 2005.

The varieties — DK 4161RR, 4866RR, 5567RR and 55T6RR — offer Roundup Ready herbicide tolerance, enabling soybean farmers to easily control weeds and limit chemical applications.

“In trials, our new varieties demonstrated the premium quality and high yields our customers have come to expect,” said Rice Rice, Delta King marketing manager.

DK 4161RR: This early-Group 4 variety is for an early-planted soybean production system. It possesses good emergence, standability, stress tolerance and shatter resistance. DK4161RR features above-average charcoal rot tolerance and good pod set from top to bottom. It also has the Rps1c gene for good phytothphora protection. The variety delivers solid protection against sudden death syndrome (SDS), stem canker, frogeye leaf spot and Race 3 of soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

DK 4866RR: This late-Group 4 variety is versatile, capable of being planted early or late or double-cropped on a variety of soils and in rows up to 30 inches. It has good stem canker resistance and phytothphora field tolerance. Also an STS-resistant variety, DK4866RR combines excellent emergence and SDS resistance with good frogeye leaf spot protection. It is compatible with dryland production and pivot, furrow and flood irrigation.

DK 5567RR: The mid-Group 5 variety produced excellent yields in 2004 tests. It features an excluder for chloride soils and excellent resistance for SDS and stem canker. DK5567RR has excellent emergence, stress tolerance, stability and shatter resistance. It is recommended for heavy, mixed and light soils in rows of less or greater than 30 inches. This variety is recommended for pivot, furrow and flood irrigation and performs well in dryland fields.

DK 55T6RR: A mid-Group 5 variety, DK55T6RR has a good disease package and works in all soil types and row widths. It delivers excellent emergence, stress tolerance and shatter resistance along with very good standability. This variety has excellent protection against frogeye leaf spot and SCN Race 3 and 14. It features an excluder for chloride soils.

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