The Delta Council Report

Delta Wildlife Wants Landowners for Quail Habitat Restoration WE HAVE ALL heard stories about the tremendous quail population that once thrived in the Delta. But today, it is harder and harder to find a covey of quail. The primary reason for the decrease in our quail population is loss of habitat. We have been blaming fire ants, hawks, raccoons, and use of pesticide for their demise, but the fact remains that quail populations have deceased simply because of the loss of suitable habitat.

Wildlife habitat enhancement and restoration is the main focus and primary agenda of Delta Wildlife. And as Delta Wildlife has been extremely successful enhancing and restoring other types of wildlife habitat, very little has been done in the field of quail habitat restoration. But, that is all about to change, beginning in early 2001.

Delta Wildlife will be initiating a massive quail restoration project over the next 5 years. The project will establish riparian areas along-side stream banks, ditch banks, wetlands, and field borders. These riparian areas will be 30 feet in width and managed exclusively for quail. The goal of the project is to establish more than 50 miles of 30-foot wide riparian areas for quail habitat.

Through the project, Delta Wildlife will be providing participating landowners with technical and financial assistance in the establishment and management of these riparian areas. Once these areas are established, existing quail populations will have the habitat necessary to thrive and increase in numbers. Similar efforts have shown up to a 10-fold increase in quail numbers in only three years.

Any member of Delta Wildlife may participate in this program. To learn more about the program and how you can get involved in enhancing quail habitat and restoring populations, call the Delta Wildlife office at (662) 686-3370.

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