Delta and Pine Land: Two new Group V soybean varieties

Delta and Pine Land Company is introducing two new high-yielding, herbicide-resistant soybean varieties for the 2001 planting season: DP 5110 S and DP 5414 RR.

“These are excellent new varieties,” said Kelly R. Whiting, soybean project manager for D&PL. “Both have high-yield potential and are herbicide-resistant. The trial results have been very positive and we will continue extensive testing of them in our own research and technical services trials, plus enter them in the 2001 university and county trials. Everything indicates these are outstanding varieties.”

Seed supplies of both varieties will be limited for the 2001 growing season.

DP 5110 S is an early-maturing, indeterminate Group V conventional variety containing STS technology, which provides unique weed-control advantages. This variety does best when planted early and is capable of outyielding late Group IV varieties planted in April. Its tall height is a plus in early planting and clay soils, including March plantings in Texas and Louisiana. DP 5110 S will mature seven to 10 days later than late Group IV varieties.

DP 5414 RR is a mid-Group V Roundup Ready variety that is especially adapted to no-till environments. It is taller and more growthy than DP 5644 RR and matures one to two days earlier. It will be a good fit for the northern areas of the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma and the Missouri Bootheel.

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