Deere map software provides new data

THE JOHN Deere Ag Management Solutions group has introduced JDmap 4.2 Deluxe, new mapping software with improved filter capabilities and multiple varieties of flags that can viewed at the same time on a field map.

“Farm maps are now color-coded by crop,” says Craig Sutton, product manager for business and agronomic information services. “The maps are easy to read and offer crop yield, crop moisture, and field elevation information.”

The new software also provides single-click upload of setup and yield data to VantagePoint Network so growers and producers can easily share information with approved business partners such as bankers, consultants, and fertilizer/chemical retailers.

JDmap 4.2 Deluxe includes other new features. The software allows for historical field documentation data, a new field boundary map on printed reports, and soil type reports that show (by field) the number of acres of each soil type.

The software is available in a multi-client version that allows tracking of up to 50 clients in the software database.

“JDmap support packages will continue with the same programs that were previously in place,” says Sutton. “With the first time purchase of all JDmap software, a free, one-year support program is included. After the first year of free support, additional maintenance packages can be purchased.”

John Deere support includes the John Deere dealership network, toll-free phone support, the Website, and the help menus and user's guides included with JDmap. For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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