Wolf Lake Farms set for major cotton harvest

Scott and Graydon Flowers, Wolf Lake Farms, Mattson, Miss., believe their 2012 cotton crop may be their best ever. The young Flowers brothers (Scott 34, Graydon 31) have been farming together for eight years and attribute a fine cotton crop to variety selections, irrigation and favorable rains.

“It’s been a good growing year all around with timely rains around the end of June and into July 4,” says Scott. “With new varieties pushing yield and irrigation absolutely essential, we hope to hit close to 3 bales per acre.” They grow 95 percent of their cotton on irrigated land.

Working with their father, Harry Flowers, and uncle, Steve Cooke, the Flowers brothers farm approximately 8,000 acres — with 50 percent of that acreage in cotton and the rest divided in grain production.

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