Plant bugs increasing in Arkansas cotton

Plant bugs increasing in Arkansas cotton

Plant bug numbers are beginning to increase in Arkansas cotton, and in some cases the numbers are quite high. It appears that numbers are going from just a few, to as many as 60 plant bugs per 100 sweeps. The threshold is nine to 12 per 100 sweeps.

Gus Lorenz, Extension entomologist, says he has had several reports of counts from 15-20 to 40-60 per 100 sweeps, “and the scenario is always the same — the cotton is around the eighth node, has about four squares on it, and there is a corn field nearby.

“In some cases, you can substitute the corn field for fields with large areas of blooming weeds nearby too. Anyway, these fields went from just a few plant bugs a week ago to up to 5x threshold this week.”

Read Lorenz’s full report at Plant bug situation heating up in cotton.

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