Picking cotton in Brazil (C&SD)

Tyler Bruch of Global Ag Farms, is harvesting cotton in Bahia, Brazil.

Harvest videos for Corn & Soybean Digest show four five-row pickers in Bruch’s field.

The cotton pickers strip the boll off the plant and blow the bolls into the bin on top of the cotton picker. The picker is about 97 percent effective at removing cotton. When the picker bin is full, it transfers the cotton to the boll buggy and from there to the module maker.

The module maker will even out the bolls and make a uniform bale weighing in at approximately 26,000 pounds. Several loads of cotton picked from the field comprise one bale.

Bruch, a young farmer originally from Emmetsburg, Iowa, runs Global Ag Investments and currently farms about 32,000 acres in Bahia, Brazil, where he grows soybeans, corn and cotton.

His firm also manages 40,000 acres in Ukraine, mostly in wheat and rape. Bruch is a columnist for Corn & Soybean Digest.

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