Northeast Research Station holds annual Crop Production and Pest Management Field Day

They start the tours early in the morning at the Northeast Research Station's annual Crop Production and Pest Management Field Day. That's because it's normally hot later in the day in mid-to-late June when the event is typically held.

At this year's field day a cool breeze accompanied by bright sunshine made for one of the more memorable ones. Not only did the sunshine follow several days of rain across the state, it also promised to help crops get back on track after unusually wet conditions delayed planting and set some crops back.

This year's field day also gave farmers one of their first looks at the new dicamba-tolerant and 2,4-D-tolerant cotton and soybeans and some advice on how to deal with a new pest in grain sorghum - sugarcane aphids - along with a host of other topics.

The accompanying photos were taken during this year's event.

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