New dicamba formulations do not reduce drift: Part III

Farmers should be aware new dicamba formulations have no effect on herbicide drift as they prepare for 2017 season.

Numerous farmers attending winter training meetings have told Dr. Kevin Bradley the new formulations that have been registered by EPA for use on dicamba-tolerant crops will reduce drift.

That is not true, according to Dr. Bradley, the lead investigator on the more than 200 herbicide injury complaints filed in the Missouri Bootheel last summer. The new formulations do not reduce the propensity of herbicides to drift when applied improperly.

Extension weed scientist at the University of Missouri, Dr. Bradley says using the proper nozzles, paying attention to wind speed and boom height and not spraying into temperature inversions will all be critical to preventing more such complaints in 2017, the first year in which the herbicides can legally be sprayed on dicamba-tolerant crops.

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